Carpet Cleaning

Pre Vacuuming

The use of heavy-duty commercial vacuum cleaner for maximum loose and dry soil extraction.

Advanced Carpet Conditioning

Application of specifically formulated cleaning agents for maximum soil release and suspension.

Spot Removal

Special cleaning agents will be used in attempts on persistent spots. Fabric safety will remain paramount in work on this type.

Furniture Moving

The utmost care is exercised in moving furniture items during cleaning. Moisture resistant foil squares will be place under all legs to avoid rust or furniture stains.

Cleaning Process

Truck-mount or portable wand for maximum cleaning and rinsing, using fresh high-temperature water.

Raking or Nap Brushing

The use of a professional brush, comb or rake to aid in restoring the bounce and set of the carpet pile, assuring faster drying and gives the carpet a finished look.

Drying Fans

Fans are placed in finished rooms to help decrease the drying time by moving large amounts of air over the carpet surface.
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