Each Visit Includes Weekly Visit Includes Monthly Visit Includes
Empty all trash receptacles and remove trash also Damp wipe all high shelves Dust all fabric type furniture and partitions
Empty and wipe all ashtrays
(in designated areas)
Clean ledges and fixtures beyond the reach of normal dusting Clean all chrome chairs and table legs
Vacuum all carpeted floors Clean all office furniture Spot clean carpets where possible
Dust and wipe all furniture and ledges Clean all special surfaces according to manufactures specifications Clean all glass partitons
Clean and sanitize all fixtures in washrooms and replenish toilet tissue, towels, soap and other dispensers Clean entrance glass Buff tile and terrazzo floors
Wash all Kitchen and Washroom floor with registered germicidal detergent Remove cobwebs  
Clean reception glass area Wipe and disinfect telephones  
Damp mop tile and terrazzo floors    
Clean and sanitize drinking fountains    


Superior Interior Maintenance Regular Service Program

Keeping your workplace clean and neat, requires professional care with the proper materials. Backed by years of experience, our maintenance crews are professionals possessing the knowledge, equipment and cleaning products to do the job right.

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Superior Interior Maintenance

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